Everybody wants to be more valuable. While assigning an absolute “value” to a person has unfavorable moral implications, there’s no question that some workers are more valuable to their employers than others; workers who have more skills, more experience, and a greater drive to work hard tend to get paid more than their underperforming counterparts. Accordingly, building your value as a worker can help you earn more money in your future career (and hold a greater reputation throughout the process as well).

What stops most people from actively building their value is a misconception–that such value-building is a long, expensive, tedious process. After all, you may have went to college for four years and spent tens of thousands of dollars to get where you are now. But while additional college education and formal training do add substantial value to your resume, they aren’t the only ways to do so. In fact, if you know what to look for, you can build your own value in as little as one hour per day.

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Advanced degrees consist of tons of classes and tons